Healing ourselves and the Earth whilst providing basic needs

Ffynone & Cilgwyn Woods

Sustainable timber in West Wales

Calon yn Tyfu translates as Growing Heart and was established as a workers’ co-operative in 1996. We manage Ffynone and Cilgwyn Community Woodlands in West Wales, from which we create a range of sustainable timber products.

We provide nature connection, sustainable livelihoods and long term solutions for individuals, communities and the environment. This includes producing products such as sawn timber, woodchip and firewood for the community.

Timber supplies

West Wales has a rich and vibrant Welsh community and since the 1960s an influx of many people interested in alternative lifestyles and housing arrangements. Our sustainable timber products have supported people to build community halls, small homes for one planet developments and renovate big scale farm projects. Our products have also been used for large eco housing schemes, including the Ty Solar in Boncath, which features our timber in the form of feather edge Douglas Fir cladding.

We have also provided sustainable timber products which have been used in other locations across Wales and further afield around the UK.

We grow high quality trees that will produce a sustainable resource of quality timber for generations to come. See our page on woodland management for more information about our use of continuous cover management. This approach leads to a beautiful woodland environment to visit, with a variety of tree sizes and species. It also enables us to selectively choose the right tree for specific orders.

Please talk to us if you have unusual requirements. We have a section of the website dedicated to common questions we receive here. Our online calculator will help you work out costs for your project quickly online. We understand your project has its own specific timber needs. We work closely with our customers to deliver the right product for your requirements.

Visiting the woodlands

We welcome and encourage people to visit these beautiful woodlands, which extend to cover 325 acres. We have used the timber aspect of our business to develop the infrastructure to encourage various options when visiting.

Whether you want a simple walk to the waterfall, somewhere to ride your horses or a thrilling downhill mountain bike course, you can find all these things here. The woodlands are perhaps best known for the waterfall and the historical connections to the Mabinogi.

With miles of trackway, to explore it’s easy to feel you have the place to yourself. However, we do ask visitors to be respectful by taking rubbish and dog poo home, which helps keep the place beautiful for everyone.